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Introducing a melange of distinguished thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, visionaries and scientists all with a few things in common:

  • We Love London and inspire our local community
  • We challenge the status quo and look for better ways to do what we do
  • We are open minded, love learning and are not afraid to share our knowledge

This innovative project is a showcase for talent in our community and an inspiration for all of us to challenge our beliefs and become better!


This is a collective project managed by


An opportunity for local leaders to promote and sponsor this inspiring group


Nov. 2015/Nov. 2016 includes 2 main events March and Sept/2016


Media Coverage

  • Leader profile and photo on network & Podcast Interview on Canadian Carrie
  • Ad segments in podcast program
  • Video Segment


  • Full promotion on (Silver pkg)
  • Full ecommerce solution to sell products and services online
  • Monthly reporting
  • 30 sec commercial to celebrate your sponsorship
  • Promotion in newsletter and announcements
  • Rotating, clickable banner on websites
  • Media release to announce your participation in the program
  • Recognition on Social Media with unique hashtag Opportunity to Sponsor a Local Artist
  • Swag giveaway (provided by company) for either contest or event

Event Coverage

  • Video Coverage for event
  • Social Media Coverage for Event
  • Participation in Celebrate Local
  • Event March 20/ 2016

Give Back

We support your LOCAL community. We Donate 10% of the value of every campaign to helping local artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. You can designate the promotion to a sponsor of your choice or chose one from our list. Together we can strengthen community relationships that improve our quality of life.

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Limited Space Available